A Walk in the Woods

Living on Galiano, I’m pretty much surrounded by forest. It’s mostly second and third growth forest, with very few of the Ancient Ones left. I’m situated near The Bluffs Park, which is a beautiful place overlooking Active Pass, which separates Galiano and Mayne Islands.

The Bluffs Park sits on several kilometers of craggy sandstone cliffs, a couple of hundred feet high, overlooking Active Pass, and afford spectacular views, across Mayne and Saltspring Islands, and beyond to The Cowichan region of Vancouver Island.

However, there are very few places where the views aren’t interrupted by stands of protected Garry Oak trees, or Artbutus, Cedar, and Douglas Fir; so many of the views are partially obscured. To me, that just adds to the beauty…..it adds perspective, and depth of field, and it’s lush, and rich, and teaming with life!