Living Small: in a Tiny House on a Tiny Island:

Living a simple life in a rustic, wabi-sabi inspired, post & beam 240 sq ft, small space, on Galiano Island. in the Salish Sea, off the south coast of British Columbia; striving to live in ‘right relationship’ with self, with community, with the Earth, and with Spirit…

I’m a keen amateur photographer, and nature lover who also lives with multiple chronic illnesses, including a benign brain tumour called a Pineocytoma, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, often mistakenly called, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I live a lifestyle with an intentionally small footprint, and hope to encourage others who are differently-abled or otherwise marginalized, not to allow those disabilities, to get in the way of pursuing your dreams, and following an intentional lifestyle. In fact by living small, life grows in so many ways, and by incorporating the principals of Permaculture, and regenerative design, one is able to achieve much more, in less time, with less resources, even with quite severe disabilities. It’s really quite surprising what one can accomplish even while housebound for weeks at a time.

This site is an attempt at bringing the various disparate piece of (my) life together in one place. Hopefully it will be useful for others whom are dealing with life-changing, and chronic illness, and disease, and whom are interested in tiny-house living, ….Having one doesn’t necessarily preclude the other!

Thanks for taking a look!

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