Photographs; mostly taken of Galiano Island, Southern Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Some of them are large files so it might take a moment to load….

_DSC0002IMG_1471 - Version 2_DSC0012IMG_2941Fern_DSC0136IMG_3385DSCF0013EnmyKNbcSrSf92TXCjt4yg_thumb_16e6DSCF001220171024_125140.jpg_DSC0391 copycropped-cropped-img_98331.jpg20171019_110432_HDR.jpgSAVE_20170326_083737IMG_3329IMG_8759Forest Jade _DSC0316_DSC0329_DSC0149_DSC0437 - Version 2_DSC04560F79AF54-E0B5-485A-980D-79EB83257D5259C37D51-3057-4846-AA71-4168E70CF6F4img_20191023_182719-11557307016467431144.jpgFBC6C7E6-CBA6-4A3F-8B1D-3A07EA5A4C6D_1_201_aIMG_20190528_200832.jpg20190210_1949165203D1B9-2170-4CDE-B1C3-72409C54BCF6_1_201_aE3D793A5-43B8-4D65-B02E-771DBB70F4475B562010-8E05-42C1-9D7F-F5191BB97286img_20191020_081755186242418212477031.jpg


2 thoughts on “art

  1. Beautiful photos ,quality of light, view points and compositions,textures.
    Love your tiny house cant see what i wrote is your tiny home still for sale? Is it part of thera co-op? Could it be moved up to smithers? My sis lives there on a 5 acre parcel and house
    Very sorry to hear of your health challenges . I love the website http://www.nutritionfacts .org
    dr mic&ael mcgreger he has a great lecture you tube called how not to die and also one about diet snd chronic health conditions.
    All non profit
    Brilliant short you tubes also
    Maybe some of that info will help.

    Is it still for sale?

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