What about ME?

just one of the approximately 600,000 people in Canada living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). With no education medical schools or universities about this illness and no money for research; no treatment protocols by Health Canada either, so I'm asking a serious question to Vancouver Health and Vancouver Coastal and all the Health Authorities and Health Canada - What about ME?


when you've just got to take that photograph before getting on the water taxi to go to the hospital, even though your chest feels like it's exploding, although you subsequently find out, it was actually doing the opposite! And I just thought it was the view! lol ... "If me doing this, taking this picture … Continue reading pneumothorax

Can you see ME now?

Raise awareness about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Part of the ME/CFS week of action and awareness building - will be posting more on the fact that 600,000 Canadians live with this illness and the impact it has on our lives. With no training for Doctors and Nurses, $0 research funding for causes or cures, let alone treatment protocols from Health Canada, or even at local level. I will be posting more on this issue soon.

FOR SALE – $69,500 OBO

Informed by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, emphasizing the beauty of nature and organic forms, including their flaws; the materials were predominantly chosen for their patinas, weathering; and their relationship to Galiano island, and it's inhabitants.

A character building, imbued with local elements, and patinas, the palette and finishing inside evoke more of the same 'island vibe’ - sun, ocean, forest; not hewn fresh but aged and with some stories to tell!

LTE Smartwatch Scam – Buyer Beware!

Trying to find a cell phone company that supports Android LTE Phones is a nightmare. I called Telus, Bell, Rogers, Koodo etc, asking each of them whether they supported LTE Smartwatches, and I was told the same thing by each of them. Either they ONLY sold the Apple Watch and Phone together, or the Galaxy Watch and Samsung phone, or both but NONE of them offered LTE plans for any of the other LTE watches currently available for purchase in Canada. So even if I bought an LG watch with LTE capability, or a Garmin, or Huawei; I would't be able to use it to it's full capabilities because of some shady proprietary deals the big Mobility companies have made with Samsung and Apple, to cut the smaller companies out and gain market share. So, I can't get the protection and security of a smartwatch without buying one of only two of the many choices available because no one will hook them up.

Supreme Collective: Passion for Compassion!

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The Supreme Collective website carries the cleanest, purest, medicinal cannabis products I have found, online, anywhere! They work with cannabis 'artists'. People at the very top of their game, producing exquisite cannabis and CBD oils, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals; as well as premium grade flowers and hash. But it's not just the quality of the products that sets this company apart; it's their ethos, and a true passion for compassion, and their dedication to providing the highest quality products, with the best possible support and customer service that sets them apart.

Bonny day

Today was gorgeous! Willow and I took a slow afternoon stroll to the beach at Studies Bay, went for a paddle, and got our toes wet. It was too irresistible not to!