Behind Grey Curtains

Behind Grey Curtains Behind grey curtains, Breath, damp as Fall mist, Creeps across flayed limbs. Pain pearls on parchment lips, Kissed dry by love from a once-before life. Now minutes become years, Years become moments. The immoveable hands of an invisible clock.

Assisted Living and ME 2

I just had to make a big decision as to wether to stay in Assisted Living or move back to Galiano, and my tiny house. It's been really hard to know what to do. On the one hand, Ayre Manor in Sooke is a great property with beautiful trees and lovely grounds and nice bright, … Continue reading Assisted Living and ME 2

Watch ME!

One of the most informative, easy to access videos on ME/CFS that I've seen. It's only 7 minutes long. In Canada, there are almost 600,000 people living with this devastating illness. We are mostly invisible because we only leave the house when we are well enough to do so. For many people, it can be … Continue reading Watch ME!

CBC News

The CBC kindly ran a piece on my situation yesterday. It ran on CBC Radio Victoria and also online. Special thanks to Adam van der Zwan for all his efforts and hard work on the story and to ME/FM Society of BC, and Dr Mohamed Gheis for their contributions.. hopefully this will help others struggling … Continue reading CBC News

Reaching out …

To my fellow Canadians with M.E./CFS: Are you also single, and/or without family or carers? Do you have difficulties being taken seriously by your doctor's or specialists? Do you have challenges accessing appropriate treatment, and healthcare? What about accessible, affordable housing? If so, and you feel able to share a little bit about who you … Continue reading Reaching out …

What about ME?

just one of the approximately 600,000 people in Canada living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). With no education medical schools or universities about this illness and no money for research; no treatment protocols by Health Canada either, so I'm asking a serious question to Vancouver Health and Vancouver Coastal and all the Health Authorities and Health Canada - What about ME?

Can you see ME now?

Part of the ME/CFS week of action and awareness building - will be posting more on the fact that 600,000 Canadians live with this illness and the impact it has on our lives. With no training for Doctors and Nurses, $0 research funding for causes or cures, let alone treatment protocols from Health Canada, or even at local level. I will be posting more on this issue soon.